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Dr. Ronald C. Kobernick, DDS

Dr. Ronald C. Kobernick, D.D.S., M.SC.D., P.A.

Stephen Mueller and his company, Coastal Network Services was my first and has been my only full service IT group for my busy multi-specialty dental practice. I, along with my office staff partnered with Stephen Mueller in 1999, after having researched many IT groups. We continue to maintain the relationship with Stephen because of his understanding of Networking Technology, as well as his ongoing commitment to expanding his knowledge to specific dental office needs including but not limited to the Dexis digital radiograph system, the Sirona/Galileos 3D CT scan machine and software, and the Dentrix Practice Management System. Stephen and his group help to bridge the gap between my staff and our technology partners when there have been software glitches, so that my staff can maintain the standard of care for our patient’s that we strive to provide, while the technology of the practice is continually upgraded and fully functional regardless of the circumstances. Stephen Mueller and Coastal Network Services provides us with quality products, response time that is over and above the standard for most groups, superior knowledge, efficiency, patience, reasonable fees and overall outstanding customer service. I would highly recommend them.


Dr. Ronald C. Kobernick, D.D.S., M.Sc.D.


Belleair Dental Associates

Dr. Trevor F. Quick DMD

I started my restorative and cosmetic dental practice, Belleair Dental, in Belleair Bluffs, Florida in 2006.  In 2009 I merged my existing dental practice with another practice and had more computer problems then I care to recall. After three years of computer agony and countless dollars  I finally listened to a trusted colleague and called Coastal Networks. Steve came in and assessed our situation (networking nightmare) and immediately put my mind at ease. He developed a strategic plan and systematically executed it over the course of the next few months and very quickly got our urgent computer woes under control. Coastal networks has always been very responsive not only to myself but my team which is critical for a small business owner.  All of the hardware and software that has been recommended has worked out great  for us. Best of all, they stand behind the products they recommend. Their knowledge of our dental software is a huge asset and has allowed me to totally transfer all computer and software issues to them so I can focus on what I do best.  I can honestly say that coastal networks gives me the best bang for my buck of all my service providers. We couldn't survive without them!


Dr. Travor F. Quick, DMD


Belleair Oral Surgery & Implants

Dr. Ralph Eichstaedt, DDS

I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Stephen Mueller and Coastal Networks for the past two years. One of the most challenging problems we encountered when Belleair Oral Surgery was established was finding an IT support company which understood dentistry and was responsive to the needs of a growing practice.

The Coastal Networks team has extensive experience with dental practice management systems including dental imaging software and state of the art cone beam CT systems. Their comprehensive understanding of office network technology has kept our office running smoothly. They have been able to address issues with our technology partners as they arise, so we can devote our time to patient care.

When he first evaluated our practice, Mr. Mueller was able to identify potential weakness in our network security, comply with HIPAA compliance and improve our software and hardware firewalls. We have recently upgraded to a new and larger network server. The process was accomplished seamlessly and without interruption to the operation of the practice.  Coastal Networks’ response time in addressing problems is the best I have encountered. We have complete confidence that they will be there should a problem arise. The price of the services we enjoy is quite reasonable - less than the previous managed service provide we worked with. Coastal Networks has been an important contributor to the success of our practice.


Dr. Ralph Eichstaedt, DDS

Brayer Head Shot 2 2014.jpg

Creating Smiles

Dr. Cindy N. Brayer, DMD, PA

Our Creating Smiles Dental office began our digital transformation 2001 and in the past we have always been frustrated with the integration of the computer hardware with the dental software. We use Dentrix and Dexis digital imaging software, and have had many problems with installation of the server and the workstations, as well as numerous issues with viruses getting into our network despite having professional computer technicians helping us at all times with these problems. It the past, we have had other professional dental computer technicians come and install new servers and workstations in our office, and still had numerous issues, which they insisted were not their fault and would repeatedly charge us to come out to fix. The worst part of our computer frustrations was that every time the computers would break down, our office would not be able to function and we would have to reschedule patients until we could get someone to fix the issue.


In May 2013, we were introduced to Stephen Mueller at Coastal Networks to help solve our computer issues.  Stephen told us about their expertise with dental technology and networking which caught my interest. Then they came to our office immediately, assessed our computer problems, correctly diagnosed the issues, and fixed them with ease and confidence.  Ever since then, they have been the only company working on our system to make sure that it is working at optimum performance, and not malfunctioning at random times while we are working with patients. 


Over these past few years, as our office has grown, Coastal has installed several new workstations for us and the quality of the product line he has chosen has been excellent. We have had very few problems, and any time we have had issues, they have come immediately to fix them and always stands behind their work. They have even stayed late at night on some occasions to work on the computer system so that we would not be disturbed during the daytime working hours. They are very proactive with our network and can remote access our computers and monitor them to make sure they are working at all times. 


Ever since we started using the services of Coastal Networks, our computer headaches have disappeared. Our dental office has had very minor computer glitches, which they fix as soon as we call them. Over the past few years, we have added new technology to our network and they has seamlessly integrated all of our technology so that they flow together smoothly. When we went chartless, it was a very easy transition for our team, thanks to Coastal Networks. Stephen Mueller and his team are not only an amazing computer specialists who can seamlessly integrate your technology and network, but we have come to know them over the years and have found his caring and compassionate nature to be so welcoming. Additionally, he is very practical and realistic when advising us on what should be fixed or can be maintained.  For the high quality of services Coastal Network has provided to us over the years, the costs have been extremely reasonable compared to many other computer companies we have used in the past. I highly recommend Stephen Mueller and Coastal Networks for your computer needs!


Dr. Cindy Brayer, DMD, PA

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